Best Shower Head Combos for 2018 – What works best?

We have all been there. Finally getting into a shower and expecting a lovely stream of lukewarm water to wash your daily sins away…only to find a sputtering raindrop or inconsistent stream leaving you very unsatisfied (and uncomfortably wet), as you do not have one of the best shower head combos just yet.

How can something so seemingly simple be so complicated? Just like most products, you must look for quality and user-friendliness. Luckily, there is a wide array of options that are available for you to choose from; only that you must navigate to choose the right one for you. After all, many combos come at varying prices and installation requirements, and selecting from the many options can be daunting.

Luckily, we have narrowed down the three very best options you can choose from; according to what you desire most. While it seems that any old shower head will do, nailing the right one will leave you begging for the next time you enter the bathtub!


Choosing the best shower head combos

With the recent advancements in technology, and ethical awareness that you must keep clean at all times (hopefully this is implied); shower heads add a nice collection to your overall shower experience. A flexible and adjustable shower source helps speed up the process while helping you enjoy it as much as possible. Say goodbye to the days where you would sit under an inconsistent stream, or start rapidly shaking the shower head in order to try to get the water to release at your desired manner.

Combinations are available that can be comfortably used to meet your needs whenever you want to wind down and relax- or simply get in for a quick shower. These products are becoming increasingly easier to install, sometimes only requiring a wrench to do the trick.

Other products are designed beautifully, and can translate well into the ambience of your interior-designed bathtub. Whether you want a fancy combination or an easy to use setup, we have put together a list of the very best shower head combos that are sturdy, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to install and enjoy. Each of the three products shown are perfect for different requirements, to help you get clean right away.


Product #1- AquaDance 7” Premium Power

AquaDance 7” Premium PowerThis powerhouse combination combines a 6-setting option with a 7 inch rainfall stream, allowing for a powerful downpour for those looking for this experience. It is easily adjustable, at varying lengths, while also easily used by hand or placement. Expect a strong treatment, with many settings to vary your experience. Some of these settings include a pulsating massage, mist, and even a water-saving mode that pauses for those environmentally friendly (or financially frugal). These powerful properties are tied together with an easy installation; with easily placed connections. In other words, you can simply set it up within minutes and have your downpour as fast as possible. Lifetime warranty is an added bonus, although positive reviews and excellent quality makes this AquaDance shower combo a potential go-to option for any household. Expect to find similar products installed in the bathrooms of hotels, looking for a powerful experience with varying intensity for customers. How nice will it to be to have this in your bathroom?

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Product #2- AquaStar Elite 3-in-1

Best shower head combo - AquaStar Elite 3-in-1This product from AquaStar is an excellent option for those looking for a seamless experience with little to no clogging. This is what makes this combo an excellent choice; with effective anti-bacterial nozzles and excellent construction that will let this product last for a very long time. In fact, AquaStar preaches 24/7 protection against bacteria so you may never have to clean your shower head. For those looking for a product that goes the extra mile in assuring cleanliness- you will not go wrong with the 3-in-1 Elite.

With the added cleanliness and anti-clogging nozzles, the shower head has a variety of settings including mist, power, and water-saver. The hose is actually quite long, around 5 feet, allowing for longer reach and convenient use. The chrome finish screams out durability, adding to the sustainable build of the nozzles. Expect this product to keep you clean while ensuring flexibility and comfort.

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Product #3- SparkPod Shower Head- High Pressure Rain

Best shower head combo - SparkPod Shower Head- High Pressure RainFor those looking for a simple, fixed showerhead, SparkPod’s High Pressure Rain is an excellent choice. It combines an excellent high-pressure downfall with a beautiful luxury design to help it fit into any bathroom of your choice.

With a choice of chrome or chrome and black matte, it looks good and feels great. Your whole body will be doused with rainfalls of hot water; cleansing and relaxing you. The fixed showerhead settles firmly against the wall, with easy installation and added tape for extra measure. For those struggling with removing the soap from your strands of hair, this product certainly does the trick.

A powerful, yet comfortable stream ensures a very relaxing shower experience that will have you coming back for more. Just be sure to give turns to other people! With excellent customer satisfaction, this is a very safe option if you want a fixed showerhead in your shower.

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